Clearing the Air: The Legality of Our Nation’s Immigration Crisis

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the border between Mexico and the United StatesThe issue of immigration is constantly at the forefront of civil and social discussion. For the past few weeks, our nation’s president has brought up the topic of building a wall across the US/Mexico border. This wall, which could cost upwards of three billion dollars, has become a physical representation of the nation’s stance on immigration. Some want open borders while others want the United States to do anything we can to decrease or downright halt illegal immigration. But what’s the reality of this topic, and how can an individual or family become an American citizen without fearing deportation? The Perales Law Firm can help!

How The Undocumented Become Citizens

Illegal immigration continues to be an issue in the United States. Recently, a migrant caravan from Central America constantly took over the headlines during the latter part of 2018. Eventually, this caravan reached the US/Mexico border, prompting a military response from the United States. Although the president’s rhetoric surrounding the migrant caravan—and illegal immigration at large—is continuously defensive and combative, it’s necessary to focus on the facts. Yes, entering the United States without approval or permission is illegal but there are options for undocumented immigrants to become permanent U.S. citizens. These options may be few and far between but that doesn’t mean there’s no hope for undocumented peoples.

The Status of Immigration: It’s Not A Bleak as It Seems

When it comes to the topic of undocumented immigration, a few popular answers come to mind. Marrying a U.S. citizen, for instance, is often seen as the most popular way to gain “immediate relative” status which can make one eligible for obtaining a U.S. green card. But what about people such as those who made up the migrant caravan? Most of them are children or women who are seeking asylum in the United States. As many have stated, seeking asylum is not a crime. In order to apply for this option, however, it is necessary to work with an experienced immigration lawyer. Vast amounts of paperwork are required in order for individuals to qualify for asylum. This process can be streamlined with the assistance of an immigration lawyer.

Team Up With an Experienced Immigration Lawyer, Today!

If you or a loved one are struggling with undocumented status, the Perales Law Firm can help. As a bilingual lawyer, Marcos Perales is able to get points across in a concise and understandable manner. Contact the Perales Law Firm today to learn more about how we can help!

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