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Las Cruces and El Paso Attorney Marcos PeralesPerales Law Firm provides legal counsel in a variety of practice areas in both Texas and New Mexico. Principal attorney Marcos Perales takes pride in offering legal services at affordable prices for their many valued clients. If you need help with an immigration law, family law, civil litigation, criminal defense issue, read more and contact our firm to schedule a consultation today.

Family Law

We help individuals and spouses with a number of family law cases, including divorce, child custody and support, spousal support, adoption, and more. If you are currently struggling with a legal matter pertaining to your family or home life, Perales Law Firm is waiting to provide the guidance you need. Contact us today to get started with a caring and compassionate attorney.

Immigration Law

Immigration law issues are very serious and can snowball quickly. Simple mistakes in paperwork can result in a rejection of an important application and could even trigger your deportation. We can help you understand the process and relative documentation and ensure that you have filled out all the necessary forms properly. We help clients throughout Texas, New Mexico, the United States, and in Mexico.

Civil Litigation

We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in a wide range of civil litigation cases. Whether you need help resolving a soured business dispute or securing compensation from a personal injury claim. We believe in honesty and integrity and will tell you whether or not we believe your case seems winnable.

Criminal Defense

If you are facing criminal charges, it is imperative that you seek and retain exceptional legal counsel as soon as possible. If you fail to secure high-quality representation, you could end up in jail, on the hook for exorbitant fines, struggling to find work due to your record, and barred from many employment and/or living arrangements. Don’t gamble with your future, contact us today.

Providing High-Quality Legal Representation

Attorney Marcos Perales has founded his private practice with the intention of truly helping those in his community. We are a bilingual firm, se habla español. We urge you to get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation to go over your unique legal situation.

Perales Law Firm provides legal representation for a variety of matters. Contact our Las Cruces office today at (575) 523-0144 or our El Paso office at (915) 493-2333 to schedule a consultation with an accomplished family law, immigration, civil litigation, and criminal defense attorney.