Child Custody LawyerDivorces are often messy and difficult, especially if children are involved. If you require assistance with child custody, it’s necessary to team up with a skilled and reputable family law attorney. This is where the Perales Law Firm comes into play. Whether you’re unsure and confused about the present situation or you’d like to find a way to adjust your visitation rights, we can help. We provide legal assistance to clients across the Southwest region. Our law firm assists individuals in El Paso, TX and the communities that make up the border region. Attorney Marcos Perales is here to help. We advise clients on child custody and placement issues, such as visitation, guardianships, legal custody, and physical custody.

What Goes Into Determining Custody?

Texas courts consider the child’s own wishes in addition to many other factors such as the amount each parent contributed to the child’s upbringing and whether the parents can effectively communicate in order to make positive decisions in promoting their child’s best interests.

Attorney Marcos Perales is ready to be your child custody lawyer. The Perales Law Firm is devoted to providing legal aid to clients in the border region. If you require assistance with child custody, we can help.

Understanding Joint Custody and Visitation in Texas

Texas allows for joint custody. Determining this relates to the child’s best interests. If the child has a close relationship with both parents and each parent is capable of providing adequate care for the child, then joint custody can be an option. Grandparents’ visitation is another option available in Texas. In order for the grandparent to request possession of or access to the child, the parent of the child “must have been incarcerated in jail or prison, has been found by a court to be incompetent, is deceased, or does not have court-ordered possession of the child,” according to Texas Family Code – FAM § 153.433.

The Process of Determining Child Custody

As with almost every aspect of the divorce process, determining child custody is lengthy and time-consuming. Many factors go into the decision-making process, such as the child’s interests and the distance between the parents. In order to make sure the child custody proceedings go as smoothly as possible, it’s in everyone’s best interest to team up with an experienced child custody lawyer who understands family law in Texas.

The Perales Law Firm is Ready to Help

The Perales Law Firm has been providing legal counsel to clients all across the border region for many years and we’re ready to assist you in your child custody proceedings. Give us a call today to set up a consultation. We advise clients on child custody and placement issues, such as visitation, guardianships, legal custody, and physical custody.


At the Perales Law Firm in El Paso, you will have access to a child custody lawyer who is knowledgeable in all of the areas of family law. Attorney Marcos Perales is prepared to advocate for you in the areas of child custody and spousal support. The Perales Law Firm will not only handle the legal aspects of your divorce, but we will also connect you with community resources.