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How Is Child Support Calculated?

When a divorce takes place, financial child support is required from both parents. It is their obligation to care for their child or children. Simply put, child support is necessary in order for children to have financial stability. Many factors go into play when it comes to determining and calculating the amount of child support you’ll be required to pay. The number of children in need of support, both parents’ gross monthly income, monthly daycare costs, and family health insurance costs factor into the calculations. There are many child support calculators available online in which you can input your annual income, number of children, and health insurance expenses in order to determine an approximation of how much child support you’ll be required to pay.

Can Modifications Be Made?

If your financial situation changes as time goes on, the child support orders may require adjustments. In order to readdress the order, you must go through the court. If, for example, three years have passed from when the child support was established, you’ll be able to request a review of the order. In fact, these requests are available to you every three years. If you’re facing changes in your financial situation or you require your order to be readjusted, then you should speak to an experienced family law attorney. Attorney Marcos Perales can assist you in modifying the order or determining the amount you’ll have to pay.

What’s the Process?

Child support is established for divorced or separated couples to be able to financially support their child or children. In some instances, a party may not pay child support or fail to pay the required amount. This can lead to devastating issues. If you’re facing child support order issues, it’s necessary to seek legal assistance. These orders need to be enforced, after all.

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